Beach Wrestling

Beach Wrestling is a dynamic sport, full of action and throws inside a sand circle of 7 meters (23 ft) diameter.

This modern and attractive style of wrestling has its roots deep in the origins as sand wrestling was the original form of wrestling. The wrestler’s uniforms consist of board or tight shorts in addition to sport bras for women. The colours are light versus dark and every country can use their national colours.

Wrestlers can score one point by forcing their opponents to the ground with any body part other than their hands and feet or by pushing their opponent out of circle bounds. They can score 3 points by bringing their opponent down to their back. The matches have a 3 minutes time limit and the first wrestler achieving 3 points wins.

From the days of Roman soldiers practicing for amphibious landings on the shores of the ancient Mediterranean, to the modern beaches of today, sand or “Beach” wrestling, has been an important international style of combat sport. 

Countless variations of“beach wrestling” have existed for millenium, however, common grounds had to be found in order to allow sportsmen from the different regions and countries to compete in official championships and games. 

Modern beach wrestling offers a unified competition system that encompasses all major trends of beach wrestling and makes the sport FUN for participants of all types, easy to judge by referees and easy to understand  for spectators, media, and fans of all ages.

A beach is a GREAT place to be! WRESTLING is a great thing to do, and to watch! Put the two together, and you’ve got one of the most exciting sports anywhere on the planet! It’s BEACH Wrestling!!! 

United World Wrestling beach wrestling weight classes:

U15 (14-15 yeas old)

Boys: 45,50,55,60,65,75kgs 

Girls: 40,45,50,55,60,65kgs 

U17 (16-17 years old)

Boys: 40,60,70,80kgs 

Girls: 40,50,60,70kgs 

U20 (18-20 years old)

Men: 70,80,90, +90kgs

Women: 50,60,70+70kgs 

Seniors + 18y years 

Men: 70,80,90, +90kgs 

Women: 50,60,70 +70kgs 

United World Wrestling run regular Beach Wrestling events all over the world.

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