Concussion in Sport


Wrestling Australia have a Concussion Policy that can be used to provide guidance on Concussion that may occur within the sport of Wrestling.

The summary has been prepared specifically for the sport of Wrestling and should not be used as a medical document.

The Concussion Policy outline what concussion is and how it can occur.  The Concussion Policy also identifies the common symptoms of Concussion and questions that can be asked to a person that is suspected of having Concussion.

The Policy goes on to outline a timeline for returning to activity.

Below are a series of concussion videos that have been developed by Sports Australia

  • Concussion in Sport – Can you recognise the Symptoms? – Video
  • Advise for Parents and Teachers – Video
  • The athletes experience on Concussion – Video
  • Concussion Management for Coaches and Support Staff – Video

Concussion Management Online Training.

This online training allows a person to learn the methods used to recognise and manage a suspected sport-related concussion.

The training can be found here.

Below are other resources available form Sports Australia